Better Shooting




  • Build your shot from footwork up to the finishing stroke with complete sections on shot construction and fixing common mistakes.
  • Bonus section with JJ Redick.
  • Includes a chapter on unconventional shots – the bank shot, lay-ups, and long distance shooting.
  • 3 hours and 36 minutes.
  • A training regimen and chart are included with the DVD geared to take the guesswork out of shot development.

The Ultimate Shooting Improvement Video – Key Facts

  • Better Shooting will build a player’s entire shot, from footwork to the finishing stroke.
  • This is the only instructional video released by JJ Redick, the best shooter in college basketball history. Learn JJ’s shooting secrets in his 47-minute bonus section. Plus, he demonstrates throughout the DVD, along with many others.
  • The lead instructor is Rick Torbett. Toward the end of his 25 years in coaching, Torbett’s teams shot over 40% from the 3 in 3 consecutive seasons (a feat never accomplished by an American pro team), proving his techniques will work for all players in real games!
  • Better Basketball’s original shooting video remains the ONLY basketball enhancement product ever endorsed by SLAM, the world’s largest basketball magazine. This version is even better!

3 Hours & 36 Minutes! – What’s On the DVD?

  • Incredibly detailed yet clearly explained techniques. All the basics for kids, and advanced concepts for high-level players & coaches. It took over a year to make, there better be a lot!
  • A training regimen and chart are included with the DVD, geared to take the guesswork out of shot development.
  • Footage from men’s and women’s international pro hoops is used to illustrate the video’s techniques.
  • An entire chapter dedicated to women, including an interview with WNBA star Shay Doron.
  • The DVD contains professional filmmaking and detailed, precise graphics. They will facilitate your ability to easily learn the techniques, and make Better Shooting enjoyable to watch.

About the Video

  • The DVD is divided into six “Sections.” Each Section contains between one and four “Chapters.” This comprehensive analysis of the video allows you to be sure you’re getting a product of unparalleled quality, and top-notch content.
  • This is the most detailed study of shooting on the market, and anyone who wants to improve his or her shot will not find a better tool. Take these techniques, put in the sweat, and your result will be a better shot in real games!


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