Better Post Play




  • Better Post Play starts with the fundamentals of playing in the post, then builds to advanced techniques.
  •  Four chapters on scoring in the post.
  • Two chapters solely on how to get open.
  • Details the mentality needed to excel on the block.
  • 2 hours, 41 minutes in length.
  • Bonus sections with Jermaine O’Neal and Tamika Catchings.

The Definitive DVD on Playing Inside – Key Facts

  • Better Post Play is the most comprehensive and detailed collection of post techniques ever assembled.
  • You’ll not only get the fundamentals of playing inside, but also four chapters on scoring, the mentality of a great post player, even two chapters devoted to just getting open.
  • 61 minutes from NBA All-Star Jermaine O’Neal. Intelligent, articulate, and a student of the game, Jermaine dives into incredible detail on playing inside, and also explains his off season training secrets, how he dominates the defensive end, the boards, and much more!
  • 37 minutes from the leading vote getter for the 2006 WNBA All-Star game, Tamika Catchings. She discusses playing inside, her three favorite moves, dealing with the stresses of professional basketball, even what it takes to make the pros!

2 hours, 41 minutes! – What’s on the DVD?

  • Better Post Play explains all the fundamentals and basics of post play, and then dives into unmatched, advanced detail.
  • The video contains 10 chapters, plus the sections by Jermaine and Tamika.
  • Thanks to eye popping graphics, demonstrations by over 30 players, and footage from five different locations, the video is not just a great improvement tool, it’s fun to watch.
  • Like all the Better Basketball videos, Better Post Play was written, filmed, and edited over nearly a year with the goal of helping players who have a true desire to do whatever it takes to take their game to the next level.


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