Better Passing DVD




  • Breaks down 42 game situations.
  • Learn how to read your teammates, the defense, and choose the right pass to make.
  • Contains 13 game hints and passing principles.
  • Better Passing is 68 minutes in length.
  • Describes in detail 22 types of passes.
  • Details 16 fun and effective passing drills.
  • Mike Bibby demonstrates techniques throughout the video and adds his insights in the video’s final chapter.

Read the Situation, Make the Right Pass DVD – Key Facts

  • Is it possible to develop qualities like court sense, vision, and the instinctive ability to make the right pass at the right time? The answer, thanks to this video, is yes! With Better Passing’s 42 game situations, you’ll learn how to read the court and develop that sixth sense that all great passers have!
  • This video is about more than just skills and drills, Better Passing is geared to improve your ability to read the court, and increase your overall hoops IQ.
  • Better Passing breaks down and explains an incredible FORTY-TWO game situations! And that’s less than half the video!
  • For each of the 42 situations, you’ll learn how to quickly read your teammates, the defense, what pass to make, and where to make it.
  • The video also contains 13 game hints and passing principles, 16 fun passing drills, the 22 types of passes, and more!
  • Mike Bibby not only adds his thoughts in the chapter 10 interview, he demonstrates techniques throughout the video.
  • Better Passing is 68 minutes long divided into 10 chapters.
  • DVD Customers also receive a pamphlet that makes the video easy to follow.


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